Health & Wellness Consultation Fees



60-90 mins,





- Initial consultations involve 

comprehensive case taking, 

physical examinations and discussing the health issues most important to you. We will explore the factors impacting 

your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.


- Referral for pathology testing and other health professionals may be recommended at this time.


- An individual treatment plan will be developed together with specific diet and lifestyle advice.Treatment may also include the prescription of quality herbal and nutritional medications. 



30-45 mins,





- Follow-up consultations may be necessary to monitor how your treatment plan is going depending on your health needs and goals.


- This is an opportunity to review and assess initial health complaint(s), monitor your progress, review goal setting, make adjustments, as well as addressing any new issues.

- A new treatment plan together with tailored prescriptions will be provided. Ongoing email support is also available.



20 mins,





- This is a quick consultation for acute conditions such as coughs, colds, infections and hayfever.

- Treatments for acute conditions may include specific dietary and lifestyle advice to aid recovery together with the prescription of nutritional and herbal medicines.

* Only available after first return visit